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View Archive Temple Announcements PANCHKSHARI MAHA MANTRA PARIHARA PUJA An unique opportunity for devotees to participate in a rare puja of chanting half a million Panchakshari Mantras in a group, consisting of 100 devotees. Sri Ganesha Temple, Plano, is organizing a group puja, on Sunday, JULY 4TH to be performed by devotees for 100 minutes in main temple premises by chanting the Holy Shiva Panchakshari mantras. Shiva Panchakshari mantra, a five letter word, is a charged syllable which is considered a supreme mantra from time immemorial. By chanting this mantra among the presence of Vatuka Bairava the devotees will expand their knowledge in all frontiers and get immediate relief from long pending debts. This Mantra is believed to give protection from natural calamities and will safeguard the world. Please participate without fail on Sunday 4th July with all your family members. Since we have place to participate for one hundred devotees, we request you to sign up in the temple register exclusively kept on managerís table or by sending your confirmation thru e-mail to or contact the temple at 972-943-9543 to enter your name in the register. Please note that the first hundred numbers will be considered for the puja. Venue: Sri Ganesha Temple, Plano Date: July 4th 2010, Sunday Time : 10.30 am to 12.00 pm A Special Mahprasadam is also arranged after the Noon Arathi, Subscribe


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