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Where is the Temple located?
The Temple is located between Legacy Drive and Spring Creek Parkway on Avenue K (Greenville).  It is less than 30 seconds away from either the Legacy or Spring Creek exits off Highway 75.  Driving north on Avenue K, it is past Garden Ridge on the right hand side of the road.

Where is the New Temple Coming?
Plans are being worked currently to start the construction of the temple in the NE corner of the 9.92 acre property on Avenue K.  Construction should start in 1Q 2010 and should be complete in 20-24 months.

Can I schedule a wedding or a special private function?
Space is very limited at the temple. A function can be scheduled only when a priest is available and only if enough space can be made available for devotees to pray and do pradakshina. Functions with large guest lists cannot be permitted. You will be responsible to clean the place after the function.

Where can I get information on scheduling a pooja?
Please call the office at 972-943-9543. The manager will help you schedule the pooja and put you in contact with a priest who can assist you in finding the appropriate date, time and type of pooja as well as pooja materials required. Information on types of poojas and the Temple charges for each can be found on the temple website.

How can I become a Member?
Please see the link under “Membership”. Please download the membership form, fill it up, and mail or bring it to the temple along with the appropriate payment. Upon verification by the Treasurer and approval by the Board, you will be notified of your membership. You will also be automatically enrolled to receive notifications regarding temple events.

Does the Temple provide Funeral Services?
Yes. But, it depends on the availability of a priest. Since a priest cannot return to the temple for the whole day, this request can not be accommodated if there is only one priest at the temple.

Where can I find Audio or text of slokas recited at the temple?
We are planning to provide downloadable texts in English for most poojas on the website. Currently, there are no plans to make audiotapes or CDs available.
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