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With blessings of Sri Ganesha, we were able to construct and also inaugurate the parking lot on Jan 1, 2012. We have to move forward with the construction of a permanent temple for Sri Ganesha and all other Devathas in the Vijaya Nama Samvatsar” (Hindu year corresponding to 2013). As the name suggests, for a successful start of temple construction, we need your generous donations to get the construction loan from the bank.

To secure the loan, a committed core group of 500 families who contribute on a monthly basis to the temple, would help us tremendously. From the Banks’s perspective, the steady cash flow would be viewed favorably to approve the loan. Accordingly, we had launched a scheme called as
“Sri Ganesha Family Sponsorship Scheme” (GFS) earlier last year. There are about 250 families or devotees who have already signed up to be part of this scheme. But as it is evident, we need at least another 250 devotees to sign up under this scheme, to help us build up consistent cash flows to realize the dream of a fabulous temple here in Plano as per “agama shastras”.

Simply put, the scheme is a method of donating a fixed sum of amount from $31 to $1001 each month, for a period of 3 years to 5 years. The devotees can choose sponsorship for pujas like Sankata Hara Chaturthi, Pradosham, Shasti, Ekadasi etc based on the contribution level. The payment can be set up either through a credit card or automatic bank draft. We assure you that the personal and financial details will be secure and confidential with the temple.

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